2019-2020 Crystal City ISD Sport Physicals

The information below pertains to all students in grades 7-12 during the 2019- 2020 school year who will participate in Athletics, Cheer, or Dance.

 The Crystal City ISD Athletic Department would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the UIL  required forms to participate in the athletic program, cheer, or dance. All student-athletes 7 – 12th grade are required to fill out and submit these forms prior to their athletic/cheer/dance participation. Crystal City ISD and the UIL require the parent/legal guardian and student to complete the participation forms annually. Parents and students are required to read and submit the UIL forms as they pertain to them. This year’s paperwork will be completed online to make the process convenient for all families and to allow for more efficient record keeping. We will be utilizing the DragonFly MAX platform to complete all auxiliary paperwork (general eligibility rules, concussion awareness, sudden cardiac arrest awareness, steroid agreement, and emergency contact information). This platform is HIPAA and FERPA compliant and will allow coaches and athletic trainers to retrieve emergency contact information through the use of an app. Coaches will also be able to upload game and practice schedules into the app allowing for quick notification of any changes. This app allows for injury documentation for the athletic trainer. Parents will have easier access to updates on their child’s injury status and will be able to see what their child is cleared to participate in daily. Parents may also upload doctor’s notes through the app so as to avoid the loss of documentation (doctor’s notes will still be required through the front office for clearance of excused absences).  Instructions for downloading and creating a profile in the app are added on the following page.

**Note** The only required form that cannot be done electronically is the annual physical and medical history.

Students will be handed a physical form from their athletic trainer to be used when receiving their medical examination. NO OTHER Physical Examination form can be accepted per the UIL. A new physical exam must be given every two calendar school years. All required participation forms must be completed in their entirety and returned to the athlete’s athletic trainer before a student participates in any try-out, practice, athletic class, open gym, open weight room or athletic competition.