Federal Program Services outreach to private schools inside and outside your district boundary

Hello Federal Friends.


It is private school consultation season for districts and private schools inside AND outside your boundaries.


Per the Non-Regulatory Guidance and PNP FAQs, referenced below, Title IA services is the only federal program that follows students outside of district boundaries. The district of residence is responsible for Title IA services for eligible students, not the district in which the private school is located.

To be in compliance, districts are to conduct some kind of outreach to private schools outside of their boundaries toward provision of these services if a private school is interested.



How does an LEA determine which private schools to contact?

An LEA has a responsibility to contact all private schools within the district that might have students eligible to participate in Title I programs—i.e., students who live in participating public school attendance areas. An LEA also has a responsibility to contact private schools outside the district if the LEA has reason to believe students who reside in a participating public school attendance area attend those schools. If a private school has students it believes may be eligible for Title  I services because they reside in a participating public school attendance area in another LEA, private school officials can contact the LEA directly.


To assist with this outreach, I have recorded a 40 minute federal program overview session (link below) that I will be sending out to all private schools within the Region 20 database. I will also be sending out the letter of intent (attached).

Throughout the recording, I ask PNP staff to reach out to the district in which they are located if they are interested in services. I also encourage them to email/call me if they have questions or are unsure as to the district contact they need to be reaching out to. I will forward anything I receive to the applicable district. Please feel free to use the letter of intent (edit at will) and video below in your own outreach efforts, either by posting the video on your website, researching private schools that may border your district boundaries and sending it directly to them via email, etc.



Click the link below:


May 2019 Private School Federal Program Overview